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LALRISE PRIME Mycorrhizal Inoculant 2LB

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Expected release date is 1st Jan 2022

LALRISE® PRIME is a one-step system that provides a convenient and robust inoculant containing bio-encapsulated spores of a carefully selected and versatile endomycorrhiza strain, allowing optimal on-seed survival. It was specially formulated and developed for bulk treatment by seed processors or on-farm applications. The micron-sized powder formulation allows for uniform and optimal adhesion to the seeds and reduced dust-off of the product in your daily operations. LALRISE PRIME active ingredient connects to the root system and forms an extensive underground network of hyphal fi laments, which act as extensions to reach beyond the rhizosphere area. It increases plant absorption capacity (water, macro- and micro-nutrients), drought tolerance, overall crop quality and yield potential in crop rotations.

  • LALRISE PRIME increases yields and growth
  • Improves nutrients and water absorption
  • Increases tolerance to drought
  • Maximizes plant survivate rate
  • Faster and stronger roots establishment
  • Better soil structure to prevent erosion
  • Benefits transferable in crop rotation
  • Easy one-step application
  • Provides optimal on-seed survival and extended shelf-life
  • Allows uniform adhesion on seeds
  • Reduces dust-off in day-to-day operations
  • Compatible with all Rhizobia inoculants
  • Contains a minimum of 2,000 viable spores/g of Rhizophagus irregularis





LALRISE PRIME Safety Data Sheet

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