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Mycostop FAQ




Frequently Asked Questions


How do you mix Mycostop Wettable Powder (WP)? 

Pour desired amount of Mycostop WP into small a small volume of water (approx. 1/4 gal or 1L) and allow to wet for 15-20 minutes with occasional agitation. No clumps should be present when diluting application volume.

What is the difference between Mycostop WP and Mycostop Mix? 

Mycostop Mix was developed for field application and soil drench use.  It has slightly larger particle size in that it will slowly plug 150 mesh screen sometimes found in hydroponic systems.

Can you mix Mycostop WP and use the solution at a later time?

Once mixed the solution should be used within 4 hours.  The spores will start to germinate and need a root surface or rhizosphere to colonize.

Do you have to use the entire packet at once? 

No, the package can be stored in a freezer after opening.  For best results, fold the foil packet over itself at the top, then place packet in a ziploc bag.  This will ensure no light, heat, or moisture will be present to degrade proteins that compose Mycostop.

Is Mycostop safe for my pets that may come in contact with it, specifically cats in my garden? 

Yes,  Mycostop is 100% organic and natural. Animals have shown no interest in the powder.  It has an earthy odor.  Even if consumed by a cat or dog, no harm is expected based on extensive lab testing for EPA registration.

Is Mycostop OMRI Listed? 

Yes.  Mycostop has been OMRI listed and certified since it's inception.

How often should I re-apply Mycostop?

Every 3-6 weeks, more often if the plants continue to show signs of disease.

Do fertilizer applications affect Mycostop? 

Organic or inorganic fertilizers with not harm Mycostop as applied to the plant.  Mycostop should not be added to concentrated inorganic fertilizer such as in a feed tank because of the high ppm salt concentration.

How much bleach or hydrogen peroxide will Mycostop tolerate in a hydroponic system?

Mycostop will be unaffected at rates lower than 25ppm.