VivaTrap VT-100 Squash Vine Borer Moth Trap & Lure


The mature Squash Vine Borer is a stout dark gray moth with 'hairy' red hind legs, opaque front wings, and clear hind wings with dark veins. Unlike most moths, they fly about the plants during the daytime, appearing more like a paper wasp than a moth.

Squash Vine Borer Moths overwinter as a full grown larva or a pupa one to two inches below the soil surface, these larvae develop and pupate in the early months of spring. Mature moths begin to emerge as plants break ground and will continue flight through mid-August in most regions.

Mature Squash Vine Borer Moths lay small brown eggs individually on leaf stalks and vines, which hatch in seven to 10 days. The newly hatched larvae will immediately bore into stems and restart the cycle of plant damage. These larvae will feed for 14 to 30 days before exiting the stem to pupate in the soil. There are 1 to 2 generations per year. 

Instructions: Hang traps at 2-3' height, 3-4' away from grow area or garden plot to draw borer moths away. Place with care to avoid wind and rain as possible. Use one trap + lure per 100-150 square feet of planted area.

Timing: Deploy traps at first planting, replacing traps as needed through August for best results. Lure lasts for approximately 60 days/8 weeks.