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VivaTrap! Cucumber Beetle Trap & Lure (2 Pack)

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Attracts & Traps striped and spotted cucumber beetles!

Cucumber Beetles are a formidable pest wherever cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin, cantaloupe, squash and other cucurbits are grown.  Beetles can kill or severely stunt seedlings, and damage stems and fruits on mature plants.  Larvae will feed on roots when possible.  Cucumber beetles are well known for transmitting bacterial wilt, gummy stem blight, and some viruses.  
Lure will attract various types of cucumber beetles:
  • Striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum)
  • Western striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma trivittatum)
  • Spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi) 
  • Western spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata)

VivaTrap! Cucumber Beetle Traps utilize a strong wet-glue adhesive to retain beetles that are attracted to the multi-pheromone lure. 

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Includes: 2x extra-sticky wet glue traps & 2x lures (2 complete traps)

Instructions: Place lure on or very near to yellow sticky trap.  Use one trap with lure per 2,000 square feet of planted area, or one trap with lure per 400 square feet if beetle infestation is heavy.  Replace when filled with beetles or dirty.  Deploy traps in early April through August for best results, place in garden when seedlings start to emerge or beetles appear and begin feeding on flowers and foliage. Lure lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on temperature.

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  • 5
    Good for us in Texas

    Posted by Ralph Geer on 7th Jun 2022

    Another TX gardener here, this trap really does help with keeping the beetles at bay. As others have mentioned we just do not have the time to wrap all the stalks and try to repel them. They are already here and there are tons of them around. Traps help take the population back to a reasonable level.

  • 5
    Don't mess with less

    Posted by George H. on 6th Jun 2022

    South Texas gardener. These are the real deal. We have seen more and more of these beetles in the last decade. We don't have time to mess with wrapping the plants or injecting their stalks with BT or other remedies. This is a much simpler solution if you have a real infestation.

  • 5

    Posted by Deak S. on 6th Jun 2022

    Great beetle catching traps

  • 5
    De los mejores productos

    Posted by Carlos H on 25th May 2022

    sin duda es uno de los mejores productos que he probado, además que hay instrucciones en español, por si te cuestan los tecnicismos. Se agradece

  • 5

    Posted by Jian Cheng on 17th May 2022

    Good performance of this trap

  • 4
    Same great trap, new look and taste

    Posted by Dieter K. on 13th May 2022

    Kidding about the taste, we're not sure what that's like. Maybe ask a cucumber beetle as they love these traps. These are exactly the same as the AGBio brand traps that VivaGrow used to sell here and on Amazon but in a better package with new instructions. The lures are identical and from the same manufacturer. The sticky cards are the same size and use the same wet glue to catch these burly beetles. We saw just the lures are now sold here too which is new, we will probably buy those next time and DIY our own traps with the Vivatrap XL cards.

  • 5
    The best solution

    Posted by Jessica on 9th May 2022

    Love the new instructions and package. Much improved. We have been using these for more than 5 years in our 2 acre garden plot. A few wasps have been caught but no pollinators. Any yellow sticky trap will attract a number of different pests so be aware of that!

  • 4
    Fast arrival

    Posted by Adam L on 19th Apr 2022

    Traps arrived very fast. We have used these for years with good results.

  • 4
    Really sticky

    Posted by Amanda Wilcox on 15th Apr 2022

    Really, really sticky. Cucumber Beetles are pretty strong so all the glue is probably necessary. Use vegetable oil if you get some of the glue on your fingers, it's very hard to get off otherwise.

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